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Docker + VirtualBox on Windows 10

For many years in a row I used to have a VirtualBox machine where I concentrated all my development tools. But now with Windows 10 much more stable than previous versions and docker fully available to create development containers, I decided to switch back to Windows + WLS (Windows Linux Subsystem) + Docker for my […]

Docker exec not working inside cron! SOLVED

Docker is essential nowadays if you want to pack your applications and not depend on anything from the host machine. Actually, this a good practice when creating containers. There are many ways to deploy a Docker container and one of those ways is to run the container inside a virtual machine (VM). I am doing […]

Docker: failed to build: max depth exceeded

Docker is a tool every developer should use. It makes a lot easier to create a development environment. Actually, it makes easier to create many different environments in the same machine at the same time. There is no turning back to the old style programming when you start using dockerĀ (or similar tools) in your project. […]

WordPress from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2! Better performance?

I decided to prioritize items related to site performance in my huge list of pending tasks. When evaluating how much work each site would take, I ended up discovering that update my websites from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2 would actually be a low hanging fruit! It turned out that I would only have to […]